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Hey guys. Am still searching for aftermarket wheels for the Hayabusa (higher-busa as I like to call it:laugh:). I have done quite some research on available options. At first I thought of heading the Carrozzeria direction but I ended up in a quagmire, or a brick wall for that matter. After researching both on and off the org I have come come to the conclusion that the CZ path ain't for me:whistle: and I think I have good enough reason and that's the feedback I got. To say the truth I'd rather pay extra for other wheels that won't give me trouble. I am of the opinion that they are not dependable and also judging from Earlybird's experience with them ??? I think I would rather keep off. Plus there is the said bearing issue that kept popping up in my research. Although its a well known fact that what might not work for me may work for someone else and for that I respect all opinions but I would rather go with the option that comes with peace of mind. Well that said, I am thinking of Marchesini's. I would really appreciate some advice on these wheels. I am of the opinion they are a good set of wheels. Can anybody please tell me of their experience with them? Are they good? How do they impact on the bike's handling, stability, performance and ride in general? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And not forgetting, PICS will also be highly appreciated :please:


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what year and clor bike do you have?

Marchesini are good wheels if you want something light, affordable is a different story..


Blanca Busa has Mars. He can fill you in but I think he loves them and they certainly look great (even on a slow white busa). PM him.


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I am using Galespeed rims,so far so good.Marchesini design is nice for the black one.I saw one set at a bike shop last week.:thumbsup:


Very nice wheels, never had a problem with them. Can't remember exact weight savings over stockers but are lighter and make bike feel much easier to flick around. And as far as color, well you can never go wrong with black. Cause no matter how many times the bike changes it's clothes the shoes still look good with it. :laugh: Except the black will get dusty easier than other colors as seen in the pic after a ride. But then again looking good sometimes takes a little effort put out.









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Thanks to PROFESSOR for the link to after market wheel weights. Professor said he dropped about .015 when I went to Marvics and gained 2hp on a back to back dyno pull.

MARVIC claims- We have documented improvements in both ET and MPH in drag racing applications. For a hayabusa one would expect to see your ET drop by .015 with a MPH increase of 2mph which is roughly 3hp.

Weight: front: 10.28 lbs.; rear: 16.80 lbs. Total = 27.08

Blackstone Tek
Weight: front: 5.50 lbs.; rear: 10.38 lbs. Total = 15.88

Weight: front: 9.42 lbs.; rear: 14.02 lbs. Total = 23.44

Dymag Custom Carbon
Weight: front: 7.30 lbs.; rear: 12.38 lbs. Total = 19.68

Weight: front: 6.86 lbs.; rear: 11.62 lbs. Total = 18.48

Lightcon Twin System
Weight: front: 11.64 lbs.; rear: 19.56 lbs. Total = 31.2

Marchesini forged aluminum
Weight: front: 8.82 lbs.; rear: 13.80 lbs. Total = 22.62

Marchesini forged magnesium
Weight: front: 6.54 lbs.; rear: 11.12 lbs. Total = 17.66

Marvic Penta
Weight: front: 7.46 lbs.; rear: 12.16 lbs. Total = 19.62

Marvic Piuma
Weight: front: 7.16 lbs.*; rear: 11.84 lbs.* Total = 19.0

O*Z HL02
Weight: front: 8.40 lbs.; rear: 15.54 lbs. Total = 23.94

Performance Machine Gatlin
Weight: front: 14.56 lbs.; rear: 19.48 lbs. Total = 34.04

Performance Machine Revolution
Weight: front: 9.14 lbs.; rear: 13.16 lbs. Total = 22.30

PVM Forged Aluminum Y5
Weight: front: 7.96 lbs.; rear: 13.44 lbs. Total = 21.4

PVM Forged Magnesium Y5
Weight: front: 5.60 lbs.*; rear: 9.76 lbs.* Total = 15.36

RC Components Seabring
Weight: front: 10.42 lbs.; rear: 15.42 lbs. Total = 25.84

If you want to read the whole article
Hoop It Up: Sportbike Wheel Comparison - Sport Rider Magazine

Thanks to DNGRUMPY for these weights {99-07}

Stock wheel weights:
front, no rotors, w/ valve stem 10lbs 7oz
rear, w/ cush and steel 40t sprocket 19lbs 7oz Total = 29lbs 14oz

Carrozzeria wheel weights:
front, no rotors, w/ bolt-in steel stem 7lbs 11oz
rear, w/cush and steel 40t sprocket 15lbs 12oz Total = 23lbs. 7oz

Savings of 6lbs 7oz (roughly 6 1/2lbs)
Some good numbers and more still need to be checked... :thumbsup:


I've been researching wheels for a while, got a few ideas but haven't pulled the trigger just yet...wish more people would post there wheels and experience...

Aftermarket wheel weight thread if anyone missed it:

Thanks for the link, that was quite a read. It really gave me alot to think about. You know its a really good read when it leaves oyu even more confused, that's how informative it was :laugh:. Thanks. But am thinking of going witht the Aluminium marchesinis for the cost.


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Stripes said:
Do light wheels affect the stability of the ride especially at speeds? Anyone care to comment?
Negatively? I would think not. The gyroscopic effect would seem to be reduced a bit because of a reduction in rotational mass but not enough to cause instablility.

I have no clue if I am right or not but it sounded good while I was typing it:laugh:

From my dunce stool :cookoo:

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