Map hickup at approx. 4000rpm


I have noticed in the last few days that, although my bike over-all runs very strong and smoothly and much better than stock, I do have a small hickup that seems to hit around 4000rpm.

To back up a little, I have an '03 with a full Micron system and a PCIIIR with the standard Micron map installed, no airbox mod. What seems to happen is right around 4K if I go from rather low throttle position (under say 40%) to a high throttle possition, the bike seems to hesitate a split second, and the harder you hit the throttle the more this hickup is noticeable. It only happens right around 4K and in any gear. The key is the throttle position. If you go from say 50-60% to wide open it does not happen.

I plan on getting a custom map when I can, but am I stuck for now or can I make a manual map mod that might help?
Yep, PAIR is gone, it's not that. I guess I will have to wait to get this fixed when I get to a Dynojet Tuning Center and get a custom map made. Seems no one here has any ideas or is unwilling to share. I did find a tuning center not but 40 miles from me but not sure when I get it up there with winter approaching (I do not have a trailer yet). Might wait 'till spring.

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Hey JC, is this kind of single point quirk unusual or does this often happen? By this I mean is it common for a map to work very well except for one spot where it sucks?
Hopefully you connected with JC. I am sure if JC can look at the map most likely can tell if it needs to be tweaked. You should be able to jsut download the map and send it over to a willing party. Most likely if it is around 4,000 it should be an easy fix. Did you reset your power comander to the map? If yes try to go up on the PC one click if that does not do it go back to zero and then go down one. Best bet though is get someone to read the map.

Someone like JC who is around the maps all the time can even adjust the Throttle stops on the MAP. I was amazed when I had TDC adjusted my T.Stops by marking on it where I had some hickups, and again by Extreme Performance (Dave Owens) Good luck I am sure JC will help you out when he has a chance.

i in the Midrange.
Sorry I missed you JC. I am definately intersted in talking to you and thanks for the offer for help. Please PM me and let me know when I can call (I am on Eastern time though) when you are available so I can call you. And thanks NinjaEater for adding some comments. Right now I only installed the full Micron map from the DynoJet site with no changes.