Dis in my way!
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OK guys back by popular demand the manual is online, I limited the bandwidth down pretty low so bear with me please. Same song different verse only 3 concurrent connections. Lets see what happens this time, I have the packet shaping bandwith device online and it should completely take care of our problems..... Lets see what happens.

FTP Hostname

username = manual
password = manual

Manual Download
Captain rocks!

To help share some of the burden, I will share it via Kazaa when it is finished downloading. As I am usually connected, others should be able to get it from Kazaa without screwing-up Captain's stuff.






Thanks, Captain...I'm sharing it on WINMX right now. (and I suppose for the forseeable future.)
I manged to download the service manual however, the file ask for the password ! what is the password for the PDF file ?

Cap, thanks for the manual! I tried to download but it was really slow or I probably did something wrong, I'm technology challenged. I'll keep reading posts. Thanks again. (anybody have any suggestions?)
What's your connection rate? It's a big one at 179 megs, so be sure to use an FTP program or download manager if you are on a slow connection.
I'm downloading it right now with a cable modem connection. Still says it's gonna be like 6 hours or something. I tried to just open it to check it out but it wouldn't open or ask me for a password either. I don't mind the download time but I hope I can open it when it does get to my 'puter.
Hey Cap I have a full copy of the manual I have Kazaa or maybe we could work together on an FTP link or something let me know I can work on helping you with the bandwith problem or if anyone wants it and has Kazaa I can set it up during the day when I am not home or whenever and you can download it let me know
You're not kidding it is one big file. According to a line test on this web site I am pulling anywhere from 850k to 1 meg per second. I set up for the download last night and went to bed. When I woke up this morning I had the manual. (5hr 10 min total download time)
This is with phoneline DSL.
The bandwidth from the site is limited through Captain's handy-dandy packet shaper. It keeps everything running smoothly so that a few manual or video downloads don't bring down the site.


Woo-hoo! I'm getting 1.6 M/s with that test.