manning+ colts will roll up tenn

This game has all the makings of last years Colts vs. 49ers matchup. Young will probably throw 3-4 picks and I don't see him using his legs against a Colts team, who has 9 out 11 starters, who are as fast as or faster than he is. I am predicting Cato will be bringing one back. Cato is great at hiding in the zone and baiting young quarterbacks and we all know what he can do with the rock once he gets his hands on it.

Colts Rushing 20th
Titans Rushing 30th

I’m sure the Titans game plan will be to try and run the ball to shorten the game. Fisher will pull out all the stops, as he has in the past, and we will see an onside kick or two in this game. We will also see reverses and maybe some RB passes. They will go for broke with all the gadgets.

Colts Passing 4th
Titans Passing 17th

Believe it or not, the Titans can sling the rock a little bit. They have picked up a lot of garbage yards to inflate their stats, but they have some decent playmakers on offense. Again the key for the Titans will be gadgets and running the ball.

Colts Rushing Defense 30th
Titans Rushing Defense 32nd

Neither team stops the run very well, or at least they haven't show they can yet consistently to this point. This may seem like a perfect week to pound it out, but knowing Fisher and his willingness to throw out all the stops against the Colts, I see us coming out of the gates firing the ball downfield, to get the early lead, and then establishing the run later in the game.

Colts Passing Defense 10th
Titans Passing Defense 16th

These stats are slightly skewed, to be nice about it, because opposing teams are running the ball so well against both teams. I think the Colts will attack the Titans “weaker than appearsâ€￾ pass defense early to try and get the Titans into a one dimensional game. Young is just too inexperience to play from behind, but he will do some growing up in this game.

Final Prediction
Colts 49
Titans 21

I believe this game will be over by the end of the first half. Peyton will probably not see any action in the 4th quarter and the Titans will get 14 points in garbage time.

5-0 going into the bye and we get some people back. Then this:

Oct 22 Washington 4:15pm
Oct 29 @Denver 4:15pm
Nov 5 @New England
Nov 12 Buffalo 1:00pm
Nov 19 @Dallas 1:00pm
Nov 26 Philadelphia 1:00pm
Dec 3 @Tennessee 1:00pm
Dec 10 @Jacksonville 1:00pm
Dec 18 Cincinnati 8:30pm
Dec 24 @Houston 1:00pm
Dec 31 Miami 1:00pm

I hate to say it, but it looks like we will hear the undefeated rumblings again this year. That Houston and Miami game late make it very possible. New England looks like the best team we have left to face. Washington could cause a stir, Denver is always a dangerous team, Buffalo is up and coming, Dallas has the TO drama, and Philly is very good on offense but not so good on defense. The Cincinnati game is setting right in the same place San Diego was last year. It’s a great time to be a Colts fan!


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It's always a great time to be a Colts fan.....except in the playoffs!

I'm a Tony Dungy fan and I wish him the best but when it's "win or go home" time, the Colts go home. If the Colts playoff season mirrored their regular season they'd have a dynasty.

When playoff time comes I hope you guys stepup. I'm tired of the Colts regular season bubble getting burst in the playoffs.


Mr. January
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Oh no, I just had Deja Vu. Didnt we go through this Colts thing last year? Am I the only one on here that doesnt miss Roach Kissing Peyton Mannins a$$ all day long! LOL
This thread is about what nfl team is doing well currently.

Dont you have another forum 4 bashing or whatever???

Like it or not colts are 4-0 soon 2 be 5-0
(GSXTacy @ Oct. 04 2006,08:47) Oh no, I just had Deja Vu. Didnt we go through this Colts thing last year? Am I the only one on here that doesnt miss Roach Kissing Peyton Mannins a$$ all day long! LOL


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Best qback in the league? Agreed. As far as going undefeated, there are too many good teams on that schedule and being tougher than the other team every weekend is tougher than anyone appreciates.


veni vidi vici
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colts should roll over the titans but it will be a team like the titans that will sneak up and beat them. peyton is the top q.b. in the league. with all that said i am still a dolphin fan who's season is almost over at 4 games into the year.
colts are 18 point favorite Manning on bench calling plays bye 4th colts run it up this game. Thats 5-0 then there off next week. I gotta get 2 my brothers he has nfl network. 8 games on 1 screen if he wants.



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.....regardless of what all the stats say....ya gotta suit it up and go play the game. I would have loved to see this one all the way through.

Very close game.
SO we didnt cover point spread

can you say undefeated  
We got Peyton Manning end of story baby.     I know we bad job stoping the run.

All other teams are going 2 try run on colts now

were off next week then washington they got portis we must stop him,,,



Mr. January
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(HOLE SHOT KID @ Oct. 09 2006,16:39) We got Peyton Manning end of story baby.
How long have you had Peyton? I'm not sure but I think 7 years. How many playoff games has he won? How many Superbowls?  I'm not debating that Manning is the best quarterback in the league. He is. But it takes 53 guys to win the big one. You almost sound like your a paid publisist for him.
Oh, I keep meaning to ask you, how did you become a colts fan in Ohio. You do know you have 2 teams in that state, or did you jump on the Colts bandwagon when it came buy a few years ago?
Did you just ask me 4 stats on Manning??

I believe you did.

2004 season

49 td passes

121.1 passer rating

4 or more td,s in 5 consecutive games

10 tds to 3 diffrerent recievers


Indianapolis Colts 5 0 0 1.0000
Jacksonville Jaguars 3 2 0 0.6000
Houston Texans 1 3 0 0.2500
Tennessee Titans 0 5 0 0.0000

Were superbowl bound this year weres pittsburg???

nobody can cover him



Mr. January
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Nope, didnt ask for Manning stats. Already agreed with you that the colts have the best QB in the game. Asked for COLTS playoff wins and superbowl wins...........And I guess you did jump on that bandwagon.

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