Maniac on the loose in Houston, Texas.


This is crazy who would've thought it could happen in H-Town. Hayabusa.ORG has been solicited to assist in the manhunt.

Reuters Thursday July 21, 2005 Houston, Texas

This just in: Houston Area 'authorities' are conducting a broad scope man-hunt for an American Citizen motorcyclist suspected of felony assault in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. One Albanian man (kosovar) was hospitalized with a broken nose and possible brain damage due to being subdued by the assailant.
Initial reports state that the individual doesn't take any sh!t from clowns looking to intimidate him with novelty explosives and improvised weapons.
The man Jose I Castaneda AKA Projekt, AKA Beastman, AKA Joey The Bull, AKA Burek the Balkan Beefcake AKA the Big Chevapi.  Is known to have entered the Houston Metropolitan area via Hobby airport late yesterday afternoon. His description follows Height: 6'4", Weight: 240 lbs, Hair: Shaven the suspect has multiple tattoos most prominently SPQR on his left upper arm and a tattoo of a blackhawk at the base of his neck. The suspect is scheduled to acquire his Honda Rune Motorcycle this morning and depart the area on the Way to San Diego, California via Interstate-10.
'Authorities' ask Hayabusa Owners that may spot the suspect to please approach him carefully and identify yourself as a Hayabusa.ORG member using your Alias from this web forum. Any individuals seeking to contact him may help the 'authorities' by dialing 1(210)639-5159

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good luck with the Rune, what color did ya get? How long are ya planning on taking to get across to San Diego?
Aw come on, if this guy was really that tough he would ride the Busa to San Diego!!!   Just kiddin ya  Projeckt!!!  Ride safe and congrats on the Rune!!  
Try not to kick anyones A$$ while your there!
congrats on the bike!
If you get this before you leave, drop us a line and come visit us in Orange County on the way!

Made it to Roswell, NM in one piece and feeling okay though my rear end is complaining about the upright riding position. I use my legs soooo much more for support while riding the Busa that I actually prefer it to this arrangement. However, I am carrying a latop backpack with everything else in it. This added pressure on my bottom is probably what is causing the discomfort.
Those New Mexico plains' sunsets are something amazing that I sure do miss in Sarajevo. The big sky that I have seen here is great as well as the super straight road that fades at the horizon (NM HWY 285). Seeing lots of rustfree classic cars just deteriorating on people's ranches.
I have discovered a major T-Mobile deadzone throughout the state of New Mexico so I am out of reach to anyone via Telephone.

Wow this sure ended up in the wrong place as well as Revlis' post above mine. They should be after DevilDogs' post at the bottom.

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So I am sitting in the Ft. Stockton Hampton Inn at the moment taking a break. It is 14:42 Friday afternoon. The nice lady at the front desk kindly allowed me to sit in the lobby and tap the wireless network in order to make this update.

I left Houston yesterday in the late morning and headed west along I-10 had a trucker blare the horn at me I suppose because of the bike.

Didn't get to re-activate my old cell phone sim so I got a new one at T-Mobile at the Rivercenter mall in San Antonio. My new number is: (210)639-5159. Unfortunately I only have my charger from Europe so I have been unable to locate an adapter to charge it and forgot to buy one at T-Mobile.
I stopped in front of the Alamo and got some snaps as a crowd gathered around the black cherry Rune.
Miss Texas walked into the Hooters at the Rivercenter and I cajoled her and Mrs. Texas to let me sit and chat with them while they ate. Man she is a STUNNER!!! Wow! Really classy too got her to blush because a friend called and I said " man you won't believe this, I am sitting with Miss TX, I am watching her eat a ham sandwich at Hooters, she is sooo Hooootttt!.. Hahaha

Leaving SA TX I headed west and was pulled over by the Boerne PD for get this "weaving in an out of traffic an speeding" (76 in a 75) can you believe that. Apparantly some motorist(s) called the PD to complain of a scary biker goin too fast, and "he's got skeletons on his jacket and helmet. Puleez hurry Mr. Police man"!!!

I stayed in Fredericksburg, TX last night in the beautiful hill country. Brings back wonderful memories of years past while in the USAF and stationed in San Antonio, TX.
About two hours ago while approaching Sonora, TX I was pulled over by local PD for 89 in a 75. Cited and it'll cost $127.
He should have seen me doing 132 about 2 or 3 minutes before. That is by the way the speed at which the motor is governed. It has a soft rev-limiter and floats between 130-131-132-130.
This is Miss Texas Abbie Minks (sounds like a porn star's name) she laughed at that too.

The two wheeled locomotive in Mike's Garage before taking the keys. It sounds like a late sixties Corvette with glasspacks.

good luck with the Rune, what color did ya get? How long are ya planning on taking to get across to San Diego?
Well I plan to surprise my mom by showing up unannounced. I don't really have a fixed schedule and was thinking of heading north in New Mexico and then west to Las Vegas where I will meet the guy with the 2002 Valkyrie that I got for $7,950. Not sure yet what will happen as the saddle seems to tell me when to take a break and when to call it a day. Hope to be in El Paso this afternoon and well into N.M. or even Arizona but I am realistic and just taking in the road along with using the time to ponder fate.
Just looked at the map. It just so happens that Roswell, NM is just 215 miles from Ft. Stockton. I think that is my next destination and possible resting place tonight. Maybe I'll run into Mulder and Scully or see strange lights at night.

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