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So I'm planning a semi last minute motorcycle trip to Pinetop Arizona over the Fourth of the July weekend. I'm going to meet my mom and step dad there and do some group riding in the mountains. Well I don't have any type of luggage for the busa yet so I start looking around and find a tank bag and tail bag that I like from Joe Rocket.

The problem is that not one place online, that I could find, had both the tank bag and tail bag that I wanted in black. Some had both in different colors and some had only one of the two items available. So I visit and they have both bags but only list the tail bag in blue and red but not black. So I emailed and got a very fast reply that Mike would check on his inventory and get back with me. A little while later I get another email saying that he did have a tail bag in black and to give Bart a call to place my order.

I call Bart up and tell him what I'm trying to do and to make sure that I could get everything delivered to me before I plan on leaving and he said not a problem. So I place my order and within a couple of hours I had a tracking number and notification that my products had shipped all ready. I will now have my luggage in my hands with plenty of time to spare. And to top all that off the price was cheaper than every where else I looked too. You just can't beat great customer service and low prices!

So thank you Mike and Bart from :thumbsup:

Jay Willie

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...too bad as an .oRg member I couldn't get the same courtesy and respect from our own clothing supplier...???

You can't do better than those who pay attention to the details and take care of the customer. :beerchug:

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