Major Grudge against Shark RSi helmet



I got a new Shark RSi helmet from a well known Ducati/Triumph dealer here in NY. There appears to be a good review of this helmet at : Shark RSI - webBikeWorld which I've seen the link to elsewhere here.

Here's my deal. For the first riding season, I thought it was "normal" that the visor just opened every time I turned my head to one side or the other.

I did some research and learned quickly that for obvious reasons this can be not just annoying as hell - but also very dangerous. So last year I wrote to both the dealership AND Shark (or their US representatives). They ignored my emai(s).

This year I wrote to them again - and they decided to answer - as if they'd never heard of my first round of complaints the year before.

This year, the bike shop decided they could "fix" it - and I took it to them and the "fix-it" guy "fixed" it.

But I rode today - from Croton to Saugerties, NY - about 160 miles round trip. And it happened all the time.

It CAN'T be fixed - in my humble opinion...

I'd give anything (if I had a job and money) to get my Arai back. ANYTHING.

The Shark just sucks comparatively. It's multiple times louder and the visor just flips open.....

Do NOT buy a Shark helmet in my personal opinion.

Now if I write to them they'll send me a UPS shipping label and claim they'll "fix" it but I really think it's inherently un-fixable.

You need a system like the Arai has that almost clips closed! Or I'm sure there are others like Shoei that work for whatever reason...

For now I'm stuck with it. It makes for a dangerous situation because I kind of like to turn my head to change lanes... duh. The mirrors on the Hayabusa (to me at least) aren't always enough and I guess I'm over-cautious.


I thought Shark helmets were as good as shoei and aria............glad I read this was thinking about gettting one but it's crazy that theres nothing to lock the visor shut to keep it from slipping up.

I remember my very first helmet did that.It was a forty dollar Fulmer:rofl:


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I have had a shark and never had a problem and my son is using one now and he loves it so I think you may have got a missed manufactured one. Here where I live the guy that sells the sharks stands behind the brand and he replaces the helmet if there is a problem I know off a couple of riders thathad little issues like yours and he just replaced them with a new one:thumbsup:.Maybe we have better Customer Service here.:beerchug::thumbsup:


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All defective helmets shall be replaced. Otherwise they shall face the stiffiest liability.
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I doubt if Shark is interested in being held legally responsible for your crash when you turn your head to change lanes, get a bug or debris in the eye, and go down. Put it to them like that if you need to and surely they'll take care of it.

Oh, and if you got what you paid for, you'd be in the same range as a Shoei RF-1000 and they have top notch customer service.

Good luck.


Obviously it was made for a zx14 rider, because on a zx14 you never have to look behind you to see the competition:rofl:


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i thought you could tighten a screw somewhere to make the shield tighter...? remember reading that somewhere...?


I have 2 shark helmets, an RSR2 and S650. The visors stays put on the RSR2 but the not on the S650. The visor has popped open twice when I turn my head with the S650. The RSR2 is just as expensive as Arai and Shoei, but the S650 is the cheaper model. Shows you get what you pay for in the end.

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