Major Fuel Injection Problem


I dont know what happened here but heres how it went i pull the bike out of the garage yesterday morning. the temp is about 55 degrees pull the choke on hit the starter button she fires then dies hmmmm never seen her do that before hit the starter button again she fires and sputters so i give her a little gas she dies third time she fires runs to about 2200 rpm then she starts searching from 1000 to 2500 for a few seconds and then she stays about 2500 think everything is ok just a fluke right. get off work hit the starter button again same thing. get her out again this morning same thing except now shes smoking pretty good not an oil smoke but a very rich gasoline choking smoke i ride her into work and she runs fine no missing no sputtering runs like she always has so i go out at lunch and pull the plugs and they only got 2000 miles on them and they are fowling out not from oil or coolant but fuel fowling she spues out a heavy grayish smoke when revved up from idle but no codes or FI light is on has this ever happened to anybody out there? im thinking its a sensor that has increased the injector pulse width or just a bad ecm or an ecm taking a false reading from a sensor like i say romp on her she runs like a champ but cant figure out why the heavy gray smone and searching at idel with no codes to go on any help would be greatly appreciated. and i have a service manual that gives no troubleshooting on injection.
If one of your sensors are way out of tollerance, the ECU should detect the failure and give you a "FI" light. IF it has, then get the code and we can determine which sensor broken.
thanks for your reply but after a few hours of probing every sensor and checking fuel pressure ( amongst a lot of other stuff ) it winds up being a crank vent problem but thanks for the input
Major vacuum leak?Sometimes that will make the ECU think the engine is way lean,so it will try to correct by going full rich.