Mail Man musta been here!


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so I get home from being gone a month....then low and behold!

what do I spy?

a few of the things I found myself oogling over during my time away!

I am torn between a couple of the's the pix first.










So...there's the billet CSS Cover... the chatterbox hardwaire kit so that I won't worry about battery drain whil out all day...the RAM Mount kit for the GPS which wil get bolted to my top clamp...the Busa LS mock turtly neck shirt from suzuki....and the tow jackets.

Where I am having difficulty, is the jackets... I just sold my other AGV Busa Jacket....and then found this AGV model which fits me better (being the right size) and also is more replica style with similar armor features of the previous one. This jacket is nice to look at!
But then there is that Vanson....which is a little thicker leather and buttery soft!!! It does lack the same armor protection (but can be added)'s also more perforated than the AGV, with panels inside to block or expose the perforations...with various packets...etc. If you have never owned a should buy least treat yourself to that once! it's typical Vanson quality...and Busa oriented. My major gripe with it is that completely the wrong shades for an 05 blue silver. If I had an 06, this would be PERFECT! The ads and such that I have seen for the jactket are taken with a are a cople of my shots here....and it makes the greys look a bit lighter than they really are.
So here I am debating the two....
Vanson quality...wrong colors (I am a little more laid back these days and like the more subdued colors) and lack of it's 380.00

AGV...still very good quality...has the armor...a little more quidly (I am pushin 40 in a few years!) But it's till nice and there's little chance of cagers missing me!...which is a point my wife likes....and it's 321.00
The funny part was when I tried the AGV on..the wife said "well, let's don't use that oil, those sprk plugs and and you don't have a Yosh exhaust" .... I was so stymied by the fact that she knew all of only response was "but I could change to those plugs!"

any thoughts?

Anyone like the Vanson enough to take away?..for the same I have yet to


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wow!..nice goodies! Gee. Send your mailman over to my house.

The Vanson jackets are wonderful. I have one that is going on eBay first of next week. No bites in the for sale section.

What size is your Vanson? The problem with selling jackets is fit. Myself, I think they run about one size small.

At any rate..great stuff!



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Those AGV Leathers are SICK!!! I love em. (ugh...send them my way if you dont want them.


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ship me the jacket that matches the 06
than i will ship you some sparkplugs. everyone is happy right.

what size is it??


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