Magical Racing fenderless kit


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anyone have this kit? or more pics? I think Im gonna order one when I get the money. seems to be exactly what I've been looking for/
Magical make some really nice gear. Even though I don't have this actual piece, it will be the goods like the rest of their gear. I am saving diligently to get a set of their nice CF inners. Can't wait.
(kairles @ Oct. 02 2006,01:13)

I would save your cash.

I don't think its a bolt on or a stock replacement piece. It's probably just barely enough there to hang lights and a tag. There are guys around who make a stock replacement trunk(but not in CF). Personally, I'd mod the stock and use CF vinyl over it. You just don't see enough of it to make the purchase worthwhile IMHO.

Devil Dog

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+1...suzuki4life. I cut mine at it looks almost exactly like that one! But if you're into the CF stuff, then that's cool!!!!

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