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So, I know a lot of you don't recognize my name, but some of you will...the deal is that I work for a Hospice now and we are having a Hike for Hospice on November 8th.

Well, I'm on the committee and all the committee members have been challenged to raise $100 before July 1st. Some are doing bake sales, car washes, yard sales, or just hitting up their friends and family. Well I am selling magazine subscriptions. And to help me raise my $100, YOU can buy discounted magazine subscriptions and we get a portion of the sale.

So... if you would like to check out the mags, the website is:
Magazine fundraising online: Gulfside Regional Hospice

If you would like to donate for the Hike, to my team.... Ginny's Gypsies (named after my mom who received Hospice care when she passed from Alzheimers).... you can go to my online donation site:
Ginny's Gypsies

All contributions go to providing Pasco County (Florida) citizens with life-limiting illnesses (regardless of ability to pay) with compassionate, professional care. Along with supporting their loved ones with emotional and spiritual care. You can read more at Gulfside Regional Hospice

Thanks for reading.. and please donate if you can. I know times are hard, but even $5 helps. Thank you!!! :cheerleader:


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If it was available to Canucks,I'd help you out. Great price on "Hot Bike." Great cause.Good luck with it.
Come on you cheap bastids...:poke:



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Heck Yeah Brenda! Glad to see you post this up!

I'm in for three! Besides, it's a WIN-WIN!

I get to help folks, and I get magazines that I'd be buying anyway. This is a pretty good deal folks.

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