Made it home


Holly and I made it home at about 1:30 this morning. We had a great time, and hope to see everyone again next time.
It was great to meet you guys at the ES MnG. I can't believe you all left sooo late!!! Looking forwrd to a good ride and thanks Double D for the skill tips! I am looking very forward to some practice sessions! Hit me up for the next ride, I'm ready to go!! You guys have a good 'un and a big thank you to Holly for your hospitality. I was dog azz tired from the day and getting up to trash the plasticware, esecially at that moment, wasn't on my list of immediate things to do. You guys take care! :thumbsup: :beerchug:
Nice to meet yall, glad you made it home safe.
Gayla and I were discussing the meet and greet on the way home and the important things in life. Material things vs non material things.

Material things - may satisfy you for a short time.

Friendships and fond memories of the great people at the meet and greets will be with us the rest of our lives. The memories are priceless.

glad you made it home safely...can't wait to do it again :beerchug:

the first pic actually turned out the best :thumbsup:

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