Made it home from CApn's


I'm outta here!!!!
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Just got home and unpacked.

Had a blast...thanks CApn and Mrs CApn for letting us converge on the compound.:bowdown:

Thanks Rick for the track lessons provided to all and setting up the races.:thumbsup:

Also thanks to Omar and Rick for cooking all that great food.:beerchug:

I didnt get to many pics....I was too busy starting my bike.

I will have to go through wifes pics to see what I can offer to the masses.
The whole trip looked like a great time... but I hope the kicksand thing isn't what it sounds like! :)
Sure wish I had made it again this year.... looks like you guys had a blast again...
Glad you two could make the trip. I'm looking forward to the next time!
Looks like everyone except LCB is accounted for and since she's not driving Im sure she is OK too.
Another report of someone safe.


Glad to hear it.
Rodney, it was great meeting Lisa and you. I hope I get to see you gus again soon :)

She should have some great pictures and video she worked really hard at it :)