Lynnes latest project.


First off we live in the most Deprived area in Britain.
This is based on a lot of factors, which would be too boring to go into here.
We like it here, it's not a rough area, a few naughty people live around here, we know some of them.
But then there are naughty people anywhere you live, and it was worse where we lived in the East End of London.
Yep we are both Cockneys.

Lynne has always wanted to move here since she was young, and used to come on holiday here, as I did as well.
So basically here we moved here.

We got a bungalow and Lynne did it up, it is quite small.

Now we have got the bungalow next door and Lynne is going to do it up, so my Mum and Dad can move in next to us.
This is because Dad has cancer and refuses to have treatment, and Mum is getting stressed out looking after him.
She has to do everything, she's in pretty good heath for her age, she's 83 but it is getting to much for her.

Lynne is decorating inside and laying the flooring and painting the outside, doing the garden and putting a fence up.

I'm helping with the fence, digging the holes for the fence posts and holding them straight while she cements them in, she don't trust me to do anything else:laugh:, and says I get in her way when she's doing things.

I've put a pic of the bungalow on here, I did say I would get up on the roof bit to paint the front but she wouldn't let me, she said with my track record I'd fall off.:laugh:

The fencing will be here on Monday, and the we will make a start.

Here is a pic of the bungalow now, it looks quite rough at the moment, our place looked like this when we moved in, and a few picks of Lynnes front garden now, she loves her little garden, we've not got a back garden.:laugh:

I'll put more pics up when it's finished.






Thanks everyone.

That bungalow would sell for £40,000 to £50.000.
We are renting it though.
Nice place! Good on you both for looking out for Mom & Dad! She's quite handy....
So far I haven't heard anything on the news about someone blowing up a fence or anything from that part of the UK LOL. And since its raining like hell today I'm guessing there is now work on it today. I'm guessing Newman is doing ok so far with the project :laugh: