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Dear boardmembers I am desperatly trying to keep from taking my new bike to the shop -at all.We are growing stronger in numbers and knowledge,all due to the correspondense and sharing of information displayed on sites like this.So my question will be to the point-what kind of grease and motoroil will you esteemed colleagues suggest I use to lubricate clutch lever holders ,throttle cables,etc. Furthermore what is a good tool to loosen the incredibly tigth axlenut in the rear-so as to adjust the chain.and finally how to torque it back on correctly.I am easily confused -so please be as uncomplicated as possible in your replies or I willno doubt
P.S the money I save on labor cost ,I will put in a jar, and bring along if ever I get the chance to meet any of you in person ,to buy rounds


The only question of yours I can answer is the rear axle nut:  Use the tool in the tool kit.  A few whacks with a hammer on the handle, and the nut loosened up just fine.  

Other than that, I only got's 335 mile on the Bus.  I will probably look for Mobil 1 or Golden Spectra, both are synthetics.    

Spend the 15 bucks for the Sazook oil filter, don't save 5 dollars on the Fram, it will destroy the $4,000 engine.


Per the Mobil 1 website, use the Motorcycle version of Mobil 1, which unlike the car version does NOT contain the friction modifier that COULD cause the wet clutch on a motrocycle to slip.

Also, there are at least 3 version of the Mobil 1 motorcycle oil: the one for 4-cylinder bikes, the one for twins, and the one for Harley Davidsons. Use the 4-cylinder version obviously. The others are formulated differently, "tuned" to the twins and Harleys.

Jim G


I use Motul 5100 10W-40 in my bike. I have in all my sport bikes(97 GSXR-750, and 2001 GSXR-1000 and my 02' Busa) never had a problem using those oils in the bike.


When I put 3500 miles on I switched to Golden Spectra synthetic oil it seemed to help the transmission shifting problem between 5th and 6th and make the shifting and clutch feel better maybe it was because I put some miles on not sure. But I hated the clutch at first . I also used a K&N oil filter it has a nut on the end so you can take it off . it seemed good quality from all I have read. Is anyone else using one of these? OK now for a question I use a product called chainwax to lube my chain it sticks very well doesnt fly off and seems to work well, but what should I clean my chain with my friend uses WD-40 but I think that would dry out he cleans it then lubes it right after . I have heard of using deisel fuel then lubing it anyone have any suggestions ?

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