Lsr Busa Build


Hey guys it has been my dream for a long time to hit 200 in the standing mile. This year iam going to focus on hitting my 200 mph goal. I have done a good amount of reading and research. Iam taking our shop drag bike and setting it up for lsr this winter. I will have some questions along the way and would like any good or bad feedback.

03 busa

3/4 upper fairing no lights
Mirror block offs
Large air box mod
Quick shifter
1397cc motor runs on c12 Made 205 ish at the tire when first built.
Flat 1 inch oil pan
Cut fork
Drag rear shock
01 sub frame

Bike weighed 460 with 1 gallon of Gas and a 12 stretch chromly swingarm

Parts I have ordered so far

18 front sprocket
Lower belly pan that connects to the 3/4 upper fairing

Also waiting to hear back from tiger racing about a lsr front fender.


What tires do I run?
What size tire?
Rear sprocket?
Swb or use my 4 inch swingarm extensions?

I know traction is limited at the events but don't want to fight the bike from the wheelies. The bike will have about 1 inch of ground clearance.

I do plan on getting my ecu flashed, 42 lbs injectors and fuel system upgraded, and get the bike returned on c16 and a small shot of spray, and swap out the heavy lead batterys for some light weight batterys, I will also getting a tank shell.

Once I get the belly pan mounted iam going to get my forks set up for the ride height I want. Since right now I have over 2 inches cut out of them right now.

I will post pictures up when I get back out in the garage.


I'd think real hard about running that low of ground clearance at a LSR event. At Mojave between the sometimes side winds and a slight dip in the track about .8 mile you may hit the ground. I've got 1.5 inches cut out of my suspension and it is set to my weight and have hit the internal stops in the forks a couple which only leaves 10mm of travel before bottoming.
Good luck to you


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Tire brand and type is usually up to the track , as for size 180/55 (lighter and taller) sprocket 18/39-38 . to get 200 in the mile you better tuck good and hope the weather is on your side. A small shot of NOS is always a plus.


Yes, that is too low. I haven't exactly measured mine, but I would say 2.5" and my lower fairing will rub on occasion. Stock size tire. The tire needs to be sticky enough, but not drag race sticky; they build too much (uneven) heat over the mile. I have had a lot of luck with the Shinko 003, but I run warmers. On a cold tire, I would say something like the Battlax RS10. On motor you need to be nearly dead on for gearing, your peak HP RPM as you cross the lights. On spray (assuming a small shot), gear about 10 mph more.


Thanks guys. I will have to shoot for 2.5 inches of clearance. Lol 1 inch is pretty crazy. What was I thinking. Lol.

I will look at battlax rs10 tires tonight. See if I can get some of those before spring. I don't have tire warmers and don't really want to buy any.

I was thinking of running a 190 50 17 and do a 18 front sprocket and 40 or 39 rear sprocket. Get the Rev limiter bumped up to 11250 rpm. Since the bike still makes power at redline. It hasn't started to drop of yet.


This weekend I worked on the bike a little bit. Found out the bike is way to low so I took the forks off and going to have them add 1.5 inches of travel to them. Also found out the smallest rear sprocket I can get is a 40 tooth. So I might just run a 190 55 tire. That will put me at 200 mph in 6th gear at 9850 rpms.




Hey guys so I got the belly pan mocked up for now. Also got a tiger racing front fender last week. Very excited to get moving on the bike again. Picking up my forks and going to install those sunday afternoon.

Looking at tires right now and going to get a set of dunlop q3s and pick up a battlax rs10 for when I do the mile.

But iam forced to get a 190 55 tire since the smallest rear sprocket I can get is a 40 tooth. I will use the 40 tooth for spray and a 42 tooth for motor.




I found my bike was more susceptible to crosswinds with that front fender. Not bad enough to make me take it off tho


I found my bike was more susceptible to crosswinds with that front fender. Not bad enough to make me take it off tho
Yes that's one thing iam worried about. But I will bring my stock fender just incase I have to deal with high crosswinds.

I will be posting more pics this weekend.
Also waiting on my tank shell right now. Then on to my fuel system


So got the lower belly pan all trimmed and fitted to my liking. I painted it blue just like the upper fairing. Just need to buff it again and finish body work on the rear cowl. I painted the front fender white and will be painting the cowl red. Going to safety wire everything today and hopefully paint the rear cowl today.





Check the clearance of that fender under full suspension compression, , last thing you want out there is to loose steering control hard braking


Well I got the bike all done and rode it down the street and back. Looks like I will have to modify the front fender a lot. Which isn't no problem and glad I road it now before going straight out to an event. Just need to get my ecu flashed and 2 other things and iam ready for some Mexico testing...... it's still in the 40s where I live so hopefully in the next month it will be riding weather.

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