Lowering links Instgall


Ok i got the dog bones ordered now when they get here how is the best way to install them ?

looks like i have to loosen the bolts and then raise or lower the rear to take the pressure off of the bones ?

are there any instructions out there ??




Put it on a rear, or a rear and front stands.
Use a floor jack to lift and lower the bike while installing.
You'll want to break the nuts loose before it gets in the air, they could be REALLY tight.
JAce di you get the dog bones replaced?? How difficult was it mine are in the mail, oh and how much are you dropping it in the front-and what are you using to lower the front end?
Ok here's the deal I used.

1. Bought a impact hammer from Wal-Mart for 19.88 - plugs into a cigarette lighter.

2. Loosened the link bolts while the bike was on the ground, as well as the rear wheel axle nut (need for chain adjustment)

3.Used a floor jack to raise the back wheel off the ground.

4. Used a regular crank style car jack to raise the swingarm and release the tension on the links.

5. Slipped the old links off and new ones on.

6. Tighened the link bolts, made chain adjustments, and tightened the axle nut.

7. Dropped the bike down, tighened link nuts and wheel axle nut. Wa-La mission complete --about 30 minutes.
used 2 hydraulic jacks since I don't have a rear stand yet.