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ok guys want to pick your brains, got the lowering links from vortec put it on the lowest setting felt and handled great! but hitting on the bodywork with the stock rear spring. got a after market spring got that put on and back together now high as it was before, on the stock height. loosening the spring nuts not an option tighten them so much on the stock spring that are now seized in one place can i make my own links, a little bit longer to make it lower or the vortec links are as far as you can go. i guess what i am asking is will it work or is it to much angle or degree on the suspension. please help on a low budget and about spent it up on links, spring and some labour lol:banghead:


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Sounds like the spring you bought didnt have a higher spring rate,but was just longer. You need a spring of the same length as stock but handles more weight.Guys who have extended swing arms need these to stop from bottoming out,some need them because they are heavy weight dudes.

I would take my lumps and go back to stock.

I have never been a fan of lowering any motorcycle,especially a sportbike,unless it is purpose-built for the strip or LSR events.

Unless you are a really short person and cant get both feet planted flat,I dont know why anybody would lower their sportbike. I kinda takes all the "sport" right outa the thing.



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lol well i am one of those heavy weight dudes,the spring is a 17 kg the stock is a 13
So was it lowered out of neccesity,or just for looks. Most of the aftermarket links have been tested pretty well in the real world,I would be hesitant to go beyond that. If you have an undertail be carefull about lowering too much,it will rub.

As far as your question goes,it seems like everyone including me is hesitant to say go ahead and lower it more. You may have to be the one to test it out yourself.

Good luck.


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