Lowered, geared down, and kickin butt


My best time with the bike stock was a 10.327 and below is what I ran on Thursday night. It's hauling butt now with the 16T sproket and down 3". WOOO HOOO

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Nice, 9's. I can't beat 10.10, I'm too FAT ! Any mods(other than lowing)? You have a good 60 what tire are you running at what psi ? Good job !

I changed the front sproket from the stock 17 tooth to a 16 tooth, and lowered it 3". Thats all the changes, otherwise it is stock, ran 23lbs of air in the stock bridgestone rear tire on that 9.9 run. The bike could do better with a lighter rider, I weigh 180lbs so I am not the lightest rider out there.
WIn43win, 9.90 is a good time, but I think something is not right after the 1/8 mile. I think with a 1.59 60 foot you should be in the low 9.80s. I have a buddy with a 2002 That had 1400 miles on it bone stock except front strap and he went 1.63 60 foot 9.86 at 142, and he is 210 without gear. Just wondering if your getting tucked down enough.
Different tracks will have different times. I've had 60 foot times in the 1.5's but can't beat a 9.7 !
nice runs..gotta test mine at Sacto raceway..this year maybe..40.00 bucks to run..worth it at least once..
break into the nines is sweet!!!