Lowered Busa


I just purchased an 01 busa. The previous owner had it lowered 3 " front and rear. He let the front forks come up thru the risers and had it tied down, on the rear it had 3 hole lowering links. Of course the first time I rode it I went over a rise in the road and it bottomed out. I read a post on here a while back that the stock height is the only way to go. I put it back to stock configuration. I can live with it, however I would really like to drop the rear 1 hole about an inch, looks so much better. What can be the cons in dropping the rear?. Any experiance?.
only cons would be if you intend to race it on a road course. fast, tight turns are not the best using the lowering links.

on the flip-side, I have mine down one hole in the rear, and it rides better on the road than it did before. if your not a road racer, no cons.
Thanks Cache, just what I wanted to hear. I haven't had a chance to ride it since I raised it ( rain and cold weather).
You should have left it "SLAMMMED"!!! Just my preference...
Hey Buff,

I have mine lowered to the middle notch of the lowering link in the rear, and the front is only lowered about 1 inch with the JCS triple tree. The ride is great, straightaways and twisties. And, it's not so low that it bottoms out. And I must agree with my good friend STUNNAH, it looks awesome slammed!!!!!

just my .02