Lowered Busa to Soft


First, the front end is lowered 2 1/2 inches. I have the top and bottem adjustments on the forks at the tightest setting ad I am still hitting the front fender. (What am I to do) Second, The back I have an adjustable dog bone on the rear and have it set to the 1 1/2 inch lower setting. It has lowered the frame closer to the ground. I have only scraped 1 time in a dip in the road but I an wondering how to tighten the rear up ( is it just the spanner on the shock) I figgure the screw you can turn is strictly the rebound adjustment. As you can see it is also stretched 6 inches. (lost my wheelie abiity) Any info on these quirks please advise me. I am thinking about having a steele plate on the bottem for protection if I cant get it a little stiffer. I weight 335 and I am 6'4". I could rarly ever hit 170 before i lowered it now I can go past the 185 on the speedometer. I dont know what the margin of error is but I still have 1/2 throttle left at 185 and I am only at 8000 RPM. I can hit it so easy now that I have lowered it. And it handles as good if not better. Thanks for the help in advance.

Nice bike. First I would raise the front 1" or it will kill the front fender. If you are 335 you will lower the bike when you get on(I do at 220). Second on the rear I'd crank down the on the spring as far as you can. My busa is lowered 1" in the front and slammed in the rear. I had to go with a strut becuase it's stretched 8". What times are you running?
before i lowered it: I have a 200 pound rider at the track, it was 6.32 at 114 mph

After this weekend i will know how the efforts pay off.