Lower Driver Seat Mod by Me BusaBus


first off i want to say this is my first crack at doing something like this,
i like to take things and make them better for my liking, sometimes my way of thinking is unorthodox but it works for me.
my problem like other short inseam guys is i don't like the tip toe, balance could be an issue.
sp what do you do when you have that problem and get that all of a sudden great idea? you do it! like they say "Just do it"

took the oem seat and carved the cushion using sanding disc drill with 40 grit

so my idea was I'm gonna remove some padding and reinstall the old vinyl, because of the new lower section the original vinyl became to short.
what should i do???? its late at night, don't feel like shopping now.
my mind started thinking, I asked my wife "Hey babe, do we have an old leather jacket i don't use anymore?"
she gave me this old smooth leather jacket i bought years ago at, if you guys remember Todays Man??
i cut off the back section for the seat part and used one of the sleeves for decoration and extra support.

not worried about long rides and but soreness, 100% of my rides are always max 20-30 miles before a stop. Also i feel like I'm better held in place too

comments good or bad appreciated :thumbsup: and sorry for all the ramble :banghead:


First I would like to say I love you do it yourself guys. I wish I had the skill to produce the things that pop up in my head. I think you did a good job and save money in the process. However, you have the best bike on the planet and with that I think you should have the best parts for it. I would have sent it to New Image and had him do it. You could have added a little yellow stitching to go with that awesome paint scheme. But again I applaud your effort.


No question, I saw those guys and saw some really cool seats they have for sale.
I just didn't want the hassle of shipping my seat and waiting.
I'll probably order a custom lowered seat in the future, till then I'll rock my own knowing I proudly made it.


my buddy does custom car interiors. i got him into making some seats. if u guys ever want anything done we can do it. im thinking about having him make some seats in neutral colors just to premake and sell outright but if u have ideas we can take ur seat and make what u want. memory foam can be installed or gel too !



that looks real nice..

whats the cost..?

i like the pink kanji with stitching, gen 1.. would be in white instead of pink(memory foam)



PM me for his contact info. tell him i sent ya. as for cost i cant disclose that for me made me deals since hes a good friend. but it will be reasonable for the quality and custom that u get. its better then any brand aftermarket covers i have ever bought. thanks for liking it. looks better in person !