Low level "Rumble" in Neutral


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I have a New 2003 Busa with 150 miles on it. When I approach a red light (and am downshifting as I stop at the light), I put the bike into to neutral and then let the clutch out. ONLY when I let the clutch out do I hear this very very slight noise. When I pull the clutch back in (as the light turns green), the noise disappears. Doesn't occur in any gears, only neutral with clutch let out after downshifting. Is this something that will disappear after break-in....or am I paranoid and this is supposed to be this way.

Any ideas.....(the bike runs fantastic)
I have exactly that too. I asked the mech at my 600 mile oil change and he said that was perfectly normal. Doesn't SOUND very normal though does it.
I have a 2003 with 1100 on it now. Dash had a vibration at 5000 rpms [fixed], I tightened my throttle play up [fixed], it has a high pitched whistle which I'm told in the feul pump and not a prob, and currently it stalls at very first stop and my idle is set too low [fixing idle, allowing longer warmup]. Just sharing incase you have any of that. None of it is a real problem at all. But since you're new to it also, cool to trade background.

Otherwise, runs great and I love it! Nuttin better.
No Problem, I believe it is a case of a noisy clutch, I think they all do it...There was a similar question awhile back, Kereberos or maybe Howlin said it's not a issue.  

This thing make all kinds of different noises, have you noticed the little farty intake noises yet? Sort of an intake whoopie cushion right aroun 4K rpm?  On and On, I think I'll just call it character, but I sometimes wish Honda Built the Busa...
Thanks folks....I thought it might just be a noisy clutch. But I sometimes worry too much and thought maybe my gearbox was going to eventually melt away. But, if something was really wrong, it would affect all the gears and lots of other things I'd imagine.

Revlis, you hit it on the head. My old hondas and kawasakis were smooth EVERYWHERE. No weird noises. This bike is awesome and engineered to move and move fast. But Suzuki engineers have to iron out some kinks....Perhaps it is the busa's "soul" saying "I hate being in neutral, I hate idling, get me out of neutral and drive me and drive me fast " !!
WWJD.....or anyone for that matter....

what should one expect to pay for 600 mile checkup. I have a feeling this is a profit center for the dealers. But it is so important to make all the adjustments that you all are speaking off. WWJD...how much did your chain stretch?
I broke her in using the rev-on/rev-off theory:  pretty much never kept steady RPM, usually rolling up to 5500 hard and letting off.  I've heard this grinds down alot of metal [thus the breakin] and makes sense to get the oil changed.  Probably stretched the chain a bit too.  Dealer has a list of things to do I can't remember all of it:  Change oil, check all bots and fasteners for looseness, adjust chain tension... I also had a list of things I asked them to look at [listed above] and the total was like $140.  It's required for warrenty coverage and I was okay with it.

I FEEL the chain was loosened with in the 600 especially the way I was riding it.  They said they tightened it up and it felt tighter to me.  I didn't check the tension before and after their work.  Hope that helps.
Yeah, I wound up with a bill for $230, this includes a brake bleed at $72 an hour for labor. Yeah that's what I said, I am trying to get them to refund me the price of the bleed since that is something I believe is supposed to be done when it is uncrated...isn't it? Just the initial service I was quoted $170.
I have 1500 miles on my 2003 and the 600 mile cost ~$150. I have the same weird sound in neutral (it is also a feeling). It is almost like the tranny is trying to feel for gears. My chain was plenty stretched out and they tightened it gud.

I hope this helps.