I was in Kentucky for the first time in years ... the first time since I bought my crotch rockets.

In one day I saw more sport bikes than I see in a month in Memphis.

Is Louisville a hot spot for sport bike enthusiasts? I told my wife it must be because of Ft. Knox.

Now I want to either ride up or trailer up there for a few days to visit old relatives (again) and ride around to the bike nights.

what ye say?

Texas Roadhouse on Dixie hwy in Louisville is fat on Thursday nights for bike night. More cruisers than crotch rockets though. Although the sport bike crowd does represent.


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i go to lousiville ever year to a landscaping expo. i see plenty of bikes there, they seem to love to ride the freeway by the airport , trying to get there bikes airborne from the speeds iv seen. i will be there first week in oct this year.


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There are more bikes sold in the states of OH, MI, IN, KY, IL & WI combined than in all of the other 44 states combined. I read that somewhere a couple of years ago. If you are going to be in LVL area, take 155 south from I-265 to 68 east to Lexington. Will be one of the better rides in the state. Then go explore the Natural Bridge state park area! Do the 715 run through the Nada tunnel. It's like Deals Gap minus the 1000's of other bikes! I have done that trip about 6 times now with the most recent being over this past Labor Day! It is fantastic!


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I may be moving to L'ville next year. Wanted to check out the bike seen this summer but wasn't able to make it. I heard it's off the chain during derby week. Trying to decide whether to move close to L'ville or by E-town,

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