Lot of smoke under heavy throttle?

Drew Fleetwood

Hi everyone, I had called Richard earlier and I'm sure he'll get back to me as soon as he can, but I have a stage 1 kit, had it on the dyno today and did a few pulls before stopping until further information is obtained. Basically under full throttle tons of smoke comes out of the exhaust and it smells heavily of oil. It's currently running really rich (until it gets tuned) even under WOT it was 11.0 AFR at 6 psi., which isn't too bad as the goal was 11.6, but still richer nonetheless. Oil isn't any special color, just sort of smoky. All runs it made around 270whp.

Pump gas
1397 kit
turbo pistons
cams were degree'd for a boosted setup
The turbo has sat for the last year, year and a half.
Engine was gone through, blue printed, machined, then properly broken in before going on the dyno.

Drew Fleetwood

sorry about the delayed response, was a busy day yesterday with the bike, smoke went away in the morning and it tuned just fine, plugs weren't soaked, no out of the ordinary spots of oil on the turbo assembly.

This is my second turbo bike and it has had some weird issues like that, that ended up going away, so i guess we'll see from here lol

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