Loss of compression


hi, i'm new, this is my first post here, too bad its a problem post

so i'm climbing up the revs in 6th gear today, when at 10,500 rpm the FI light comes on, this is the fastest i've been on the bike so i figured it was some kinda warning or something not to go any faster so i laid off and pulled over.
the light stayed on, so i turned the bike off, and back on. light is still on, so i do it again, light is off this time.
i take off and head home, the bike doesn't feel as powerful as it should. when i get home i rev it up in the driveway a bit, and it sounds kinda funny too, not as grunty as usual. so i take it up the street and back, and find that there's almost no engine braking. feels like i've lost alot of compression.

i've been reading about guys who have had their cam chains off by a tooth and the symptoms kinda sound like mine. my bike is a 99, and i was told by the previous owner that they had the tensioner replaced, he was the second owner, so i don't know if they changed them the second time (i wasn't aware there were two recalls)

any ideas?
I have a 2000. My cam chain was put on a tooth out when they did the recall. Once they fixed it I only made it about five miles down the road and it felt like someone turned off my bike. It lost power and sounded weired. It wouldn't stay running and sounded like it was missing a cylinder. I called the shop and had them come and get me. Once they had it back in the shop the pulled the head and found out that the cam broke in half. One new cam and two new valves later it's running great. Try pulling the spark plugs and check your compression.
Hope this didn't happen to you. Good luck
i took the bike out late last nyt, felt kinda fast, coming back home the FI light came on again, just before i got home. gonna have a friend who's a 'zuki tech look at it today i think