Loring July event


$400 and you can go as fast as you can go. I would do it. I'd have to get the busa set for it but that would sure satisfy my need for speed that I can't do here. What happens to your fee if the gathering ban is still in place because I would almost bet it will be.


update on the Loring event from Tim

Tim Kelly
Wed 6/3/2020 9:48 PM

  • Tim Kelly

Hello Racers!

All of us at the LTA hope this email finds you and yours healthy and happy. I think that a number of you are sharing in the collective happiness that Bonneville 2020 is now a go! That was great news for all of us in the land speed community.

Here’s the deal for July: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

  1. We are planning to race. We have not wavered from that position and have worked hard with the state to get this thing pulled off, so thanks to all of the parties concerned.
  2. I apologize for not meeting our June 1st, but we were able to push off vendors a couple of weeks which bought us some time.
  3. I have to admit that we are disappointed with the registrations. When we did the survey, we had enough responses of people saying that they would race AND they would register to open registration.
  4. That said, only 20% of the respondents that committed to racing actually did so.
  5. Without enough registrations we will be unable to meet our contractual obligations to have an event this year.
  6. So, I will leave this with you all. We need registrations completed this week, and please understand, if we pull the plug, we will push your entry to September or refund it.

So, Let’s get registered!

Now, I am sure a lot are asking about Covid. Here’s the deal.
  1. We are outdoors, we meet the same criteria as a campground, we meet the same criteria as a drive in movie so no 10 or 50 person limits.
  2. We will not have spectators because that would cause limits.

Out of state Quarantine
  1. As of this writing, the state asks for a 14 day quarantine of out of state people entering the state. (Some items have been accelerated, but no guarantee.)
  2. The rules for this are pretty thin -
  1. You may be outside
  2. You can stay in a Hotel
  3. You can bring a camper
  4. You are asked to wear a mask around others
  5. You are asked to not go shopping in stores and not to frequent restaurants.
We have reviewed our procedures to keep everyone safe and all concerned find them acceptable.

Accommodations and food:
  1. Hotels are now taking reservations
  2. The bunker Inn is located on the base. It was opened a couple of years ago. They are happy to house our racers. 207.325.6072
  3. Many restaurants have take out and the Caribou inn will deliver to your room. We will get a list together and post it at Registration.
  4. We are working on a vendor for lunches as well.

In conclusion:
We truly hope that we are able to pull this off. At this point, it is in your collective court. Please get registered by the end of the weekend because we truly look forwards to the “START YOUR ENGINES” email on Sunday. We do apologize that there will be no black tie gala this year, but hey, at least we get to race.

Take care, be well, and lets race!

Joe, Tim and the gang.

We are still planning on Ju
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