Loosen lowering link bolts??

I don't have an air gun available to me. I tried with a socket and ratchet but the socket doesn't sit well since the end of the bolt is kinda rounded. Anoyne have any ideas?

I had to use a grinder with a cut-off wheel. Turned out the PO had used red loctite...between the bolt and the link as well as on the nut. New bolts and nuts were about $12/pair.

Hope yours is not as bad.
man stick a wrench on it and get a pipe and push as hard as possible mine are not on it that hard it takes some force but not that bad


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I haven't lowered mine yet...have the links, but waiting for the lowering top clamp and kickstand. Whats the torque spec on those bolts?


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You have to break them loose on the side with the nut...if you try to turn the bolt it ain't gonna happen

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