Loose mirror


Stock left mirror was loose, would start to swivel back at 150K +, now seems to be doing it at much lower speeds. Its a PITA. Can this be tightened up any? How?

Thanks in advance.
If you are talking about a stock mirror,it has to be taken apart to do it.
If you send it to me,I will do it for free if you pay the shipping.
There is a trick to getting inside,you have to use heat and finese,if not,you can break the glass......

I can tell you how to do it,but you have to do it right,or you will be buying a new one,and you cant just get the glass....

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When you say starts to swivel back, do you mean at the mid-arm bearing or just the mirror housing? If the whole arm is bending, that is a different problem than what Brendan is talking about... If it is the mirror, take him up on his offer!
i hate the stock mirrors
If it's the mirror support stems, Remove the rubber boots and tighten the two bolts holding it to the plastic. If it is the mirror itself... get those suckers boxed up!
Thanks guys, it's the mirror body, but it moot now. It got run over in the parking lot yesterday... prolly a writeoff.
You mean the mirror or your whole bike?
Whole bike, big dodge smoked it on one side and sent it over on the other, not a straight panel on it and got the clutch cover, clip on, clutch lever too. Getting it estimated this week.