looky what I got today


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This is just the Z-Fi(fuel control unit), I also ordered the Z-AFM(air fuel mapping unit) that should be in by the end of the week. now if I can only get my muffler ordered up :please:


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shoulda' saved the dough and just gone with the ecueditor. It's free and does a better job. Since you also got the ZAFM it's probably a good combo for tunning things yourself.


ecu editors nice but you will really enjoy the bazzaz products together for the simplicity of tuning


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it's even easier to tune with the ecueditor. Try and make changes to multiple cells all at the same time in the bazzaz software and youu'll know what I mean. :poke:
ecu editors nice but you will really enjoy the bazzaz products together for the simplicity of tuning
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