Looks what my bro got me!


My brother calls me from mid America powersports...the largest motorcycle dealer in the area that is going out of business... And tells me to come pick it up. He bought me this icon Stryker rig field armor.

My buddy that runs the parts dept. there said he races super moto with it, so it must ok. He said in Dallas last week there was a 120' jump that landed in the entrance to a parking garage and immediately turned. He said it was a totally bad ass track. Anyhow he says its a good piece and for 40% off its a smokin deal. It is so much cooler than my RS taichi leather jacket.

What do you think?
Doesn't beat a leather Jacket but it seems like it will help a lot on impact :thumbsup:

I use armor as well, in a slide on the asphalt I have complete confidence in the armor to hold up in impact and its resistance to abrasion but to be honest I have doubts about the stretchable material and straps staying together on a slide across the street if they make constant contact. Been kinda leaning towards possibly getting Draggin Shirt's to go over my armor. If I have to put on leather in the summer here to ride I wouldn't ride.