Looking to get new full exhaust (single)


Can anyone help me?
I have an '06 LE Busa and want to switch to a single exhaust system and was wondering who sells them and at what cost? OR can you point me in the dirrection of a good place to get one that's pretty good on price.

Sure would like to know what you guys are running also.

Thanks in advance.

Try OPPracing.com or Morepowerracing.com.  I run the dual exit yoshi full system, they have to fab the end when you order it, takes about a week and a half, Paid 1100 for system and 280 for PC3.  Like all things everybody has there own tastes, I like chocolate but the guy that posts after me will prolly like vanilla.  I think the two biggest factors are looks and sound, and performance all around will be the same, maybe a diff or 2 or 3 hp's between systems IMO.  Good luck with your choice, try and go to some social gatherings and see what people have first hand, have them fire up there bikes for you too.


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we have a sale on the full titanium tiforce high mount exhaust, but we carry all exhaust. shoot me a email of what you guys are looking for.
Akropovic Evo is a great choice and is also Titanium, about 10 lbs. Stock exhaust is 35 lbs.
That's a big weight savings.
I got mine from Street&Track, they gave me the best price.



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Hindle stepped race header, Oval carbon can. This is the same setup as the Brocks Pipe!

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