Looking for that new bike.


I'm looking to get a new bike within the next month or two.  Right now, I've been riding a '98 1400 Intruder for about 3 years.  I want to get back to something with more balls when I twist open the throttle and enter the curves but my hang up is my wife.  Now don't get me wrong, she's a great gal, but whenever I fire up the bike she's standing right there in the driveway with her helmet, waiting to go.  I'm seriously considering the Bandit 1200s because my wife seems to like it a lot and she's quite comfortable sitting back there.  I personally want something that will perform better on those "alone rides" and I have fallen in love the 'busa.  Now my wife loves to ride with me and I can't (wouldn't want to) take that away from her, so I'm looking for a sporty, fast bike that my wife will enjoy on long weekend rides.  Can someone please tell me that they have a 'busa that the wife will ride on hours on end or am I just dreaming of a bike that doesn't exist.  I guess I'm looking for that transformer bike that is two-up touring comfort, when you want it, and sport fast and handling while alone.  I'm sure many guys have to be in my position and I'm curious if any have made the 'busa into their "dream machine".
You can do like I did, I got my wife on it and opened the throttle, once we got home from that first ride she has refused to get back on.... See you can have your cake and eat it too. !!!

I think it's comfy for passengers. The guy from whom I bought mine had his wife ride all the time and she enjoyed it. Both seats have plenty of padding and the rear pegs are in a decent position.
My girl is always wanting to ride. Everytime that we need to go do something she always asks "can we take the bike". She has no complaints about the comfort level. She also likes it when I give it some throttle. She is at the point now that she is wanting to learn how to ride. So I might let her start learning on my Katana.