Looking for ramp reviews


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I need a ramp and looking for some reviews. Best bang for buck. As I rarely use a ramp.
Been using some steel Larin folding ramps. Have to use a ditch or hill with them.

Also will be used with a 4x4 full size chevy. So its a lil high.
I got one of the harbor freight folding ramps. Have to use a hill with it too and then it still scraps some if I pick a hill thats too small.
I would get a Curved Motorcycle Ramp. I load my Busa all the time, with just me and the wife (who is 100lbs) with relative ease. It eliminates the scraping, and you don't need to find a hill. You can't get around the weight thing no matter what kind of ramp you use. The flat ramps just don't work well. Most you can find for under $120. I'm in SOCAL, so I got mine from Southbay Motorcycles, but you can find them in most of the shops. Oh, get one with the security strap to prevent the ramp from moving!
Well I was hoping for a few review on specific ramps. Anyone got one from a site sponsor?