looking for help with brakes/front wheel in louisville, KY

so this is my first post and my first busa. I have an 08 blue/black and about a month ago i was cut off by a girl who wasn't looking at all and I hit her in her passenger door. I replaced the front fender, headlight, and top front cowling. bike looks new again, but I've been experiencing some noise from the front brakes and an annoying bouncing sensation while riding at lower speeds. It feels like I'm riding on rough pavement or somewhat similar to the feeling of a car with the wheels out of balance. Every shop in town is at least 3 weeks out on even being able to look at it. I was hoping to find some help from anyone in town that might be able to help diagnose and/or repair it. I don't have much experience with brakes any advise or help is much appreciated. :please:


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If it happens when using the front brakes, then you may have a bent rotor. If not then it way be a bent wheel.

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