Looking for a Helmet to match 40th Aniver. Busa


I have a 03 Busa that's a 40th Anniversary. Does anybody have any ideas as to a Helmet that might match this bike. I'm up for any suggestions. Other than black, I just can't seem to find a good quality helmet that matches. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I wouldn't worry too much about it. Pick out a nice replica helmet that you like. It will look good, I am sure of it.

Sorry I have no matching ideas for you.
find the lid that fits and works well 4 U....then...get it painted if it matters that much .
Dont sacrifice paint themes for practicality....
Taubiota.....was at Schaumburg Honda and Suzuki the other day and saw an ugly burnt orange helmet (ARAI I think....)....I said that kind of looks like the 40th anniversary
edition busa. Someone will paint it if you can't find one like it.
One man's junk is another man's treasure! I like the ugly burnt orange/black! I REALLY wanted the Black limited but by the time I could get one, they were gone from my area. So I settled - but I have no regrets! Damn, I like riding this bike!