looking for a black turbo busa from Dayton, OH


Ok two weeks ago, me and a couple of freinds were ridding in the oregon district in dayton, when we stumbled upon a Black turbo Busa with a single micron pipe.
I was on the Black with red flame R6 and my friends were on the harleys.
we chatted for a while, and admired your awsome ride.

anyone know him, he said he gets on the Hayabusa boards.
i need to talk to him.
I don't remeber the guys name but I see him all the time. 2002 SE with a Hahn Turbo kit and just about everything else custom on it!

The best place to see him would be at bike night(Wed.) every week at Quaker Steak & Lube on Col. Glenn.

Is a race going down?
maybe if hes game.
just some guy in a .....honda, civic from cinci that is talking trash that he can take anything in dayton 4 or two wheels from a 50-150 roll. was talking bout laying down some money on it, thought it be an easy way to thicken the wallet for him.
the honda isnt slow, makes some 549 frontwheel horsepower just some one needed to put him in hs place
and it would make a good video.
i know its probably not woth his gas, but it would be an easy way to pick up a few hundred.

note: this is all fictional and refering to video games.

ive been wanting to go to the lube. maybe ill see hime there. maybe i can make it the 20th of august.
Hey I know that guy from Dayton, Ohio with the black turbo Busa. It's me!! I havent been in here for a while but if your still looking for me shoot me an e-mail at bryanmassey2003@yahoo.com You can also find me at Extreme Performance Cycles on the corner of woodman and airway all the time.

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