Looking for 14s and 600s to run this weekend in CA

I'm doing some runs with a half dozen big cars this weekend around SoCal. Got some good open class bikes, but would like to get a 600 out and a 14. Supposed to have both of these bikes covered, but had two 600 guys back out today. The 14 guy I've been having trouble reaching, so I don't trust that he'll be coming.

A big turbo bike would be nice, too.

Anyone got a hankering to have some fun on Sunday? PM me fast if you do. Should be a very good way to spend a morning. Half dozen cars coming this time. Suggestions on who I might contact also appreciated.




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Supposed to clear up Sunday, More details & I might go if you need me but all I have is a slightly modded Busa.
(see Signature). PM me if you really need me. I'm in Pomona.
Weather here (I'm near the run spot) is perfect for tomorrow.

KOK, thanks for the reply. I've got a couple Busas representing, so we're okay with them. Looking for a smaller bike or two. Any of those machines in your sig line up and running?


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Talked to ya on Friday Kerry and I'll see ya tomorrow bright and early w/ my Gixx.

BTW-when do you plan to release KOTS II?

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