Lookin' Better All The Time (Pics)

War Bird 13

Some more goodies (just added...Brock's Alienhead full system...BMC Filter...HotBodies Taillight Kit) and pics...enjoy...The Bird!











screamin kanji

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hey Warbird! havent seen you in a while. Looks like you did some mods. looks GREAT! we still hafta get a ride-in sometime.

War Bird 13

hey Warbird! havent seen you in a while. Looks like you did some mods. looks GREAT! we still hafta get a ride-in sometime.
Hey Buddy...yeah i have done a thing or two....:whistle:...she really goes now...and even better on the eyes too...just shoot me a message some time when ya wanna go...we had a pack go to the Strip on Saturday...and a pack of 16 go to the Hill climbs on Sunday:cheerleader:
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