look at my pic and tell me where to


cont. ---- for my side vents and other places i want to fill in. The was from a company called cox.

you can get just the mesh material from most auto parts places is about 20 to 40 bucks for it and i think it comes in few different colors ;)
blue red gold and silver are the main ones i have seen but you could just spraypaint them what ever color you wanted :super:
I can't tell enough about it in that pic to see exactly what kind of mesh it is. Do you have, or can you take a closer shot? Maybe we can help ya find a match. If it's the same stuff Thinker put in his fairing vents you should be able to get it at some parts houses (like Jace said) and at Home Depot (much cheaper I understand, haven't priced it personally).

Have you seen Thinker's? Is it the same stuff? :super: