How can a 89 Honda Accord LXi with 194,000 miles on it not burn oil and rev to 5,900 rpm...without blowing up..just did a oil change...can't and won't pay for a new car..Busa is the newest in the household..gotta have yer priority's straight.
how many Hondas with 194000 miles that run fine are on the road?? It's called supply and demand. ask a car guy.

with average credit, you can NOT finance a car over 100k miles. too many variables to list here that will explain your misunderstanding. nothing wrong with YOU, but your car is worth about 1000 bucks if it looks good and doesnt need crap, like brakes, cv joints, timing belt, windshield, yada yada... again, too much to list.

"I have a car for sale. 14 years old, almost 200,000 miles on it, runs fine. How much will you give me?"

go from there.
not burn oil and rev to 5,900 rpm...without blowing up..
deem yourself one of the lucky ones... I have owned tons of hondas, toyotas, mopars, etc... bought, sold, traded, financed, fixed, on and on and on...

If yours had engine problems, (usually with that old of a Honda needs carbs, cams, crank bearings, about $3k worth of stuff) if yours has those problems, worth a couple hundred. Given that yours runs good, if I was to sell it on my own, I would ask $1500 and take $900 at the least. To some ppl, LX-i just means more shiat to be broken with that age. I am in no way slamming your car, just giving you the facts. That is what we do here, right?

Ask, and ye shall recieve.
I'm not really sure what your askin.. or if your just commenting.. haha.. but ....  I know there will probably be a million of post basically like mine in due time..

I have a 90' model 1500 chevy with the 305 V8 thats pushing 270,000 miles (no repairs to engine) and I still run the pee water out of it. Figure if it's not able to do what I want it to do it's time to get rid of it anyways.

oh.. haha and a 87' 4.3 V6 astro van with 194,000 miles.. same idea with it.  

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