Longest planned ride for this year?


The Watcher
OK Gang,

What is the longest scheduled ride you have planned for this summer?
Lake Tahoe to Laguna Seca....pretty long ride in one day...
Maybe two up///makes it tougher....one time i rode 852 miles in a day..LONG DAY....85 900 Ninja..40k miles whatta bike..but now..THE BUSA ROCKS....nuth'in like it....
Not long enough. A three Month ride would do my soul a lot of good! I would like to go to the Copper Canyon in Mexico. Once I ran into a nut on a CB350 Honda (naked bike) in Cali with only a bedroll!!!, riding on a bet for $1,000. One Month to hit Florida - Maine - Alaska - California and back to Florida. He talked about a bear attack in Alaska. This is for real – I will post a picture if I can find it. Also ran into a crazy riding coast to coast on a Vespa! What really blows my mind, once doing a 100-mile bicycle ride I came across this weird looking dude, started talking to him about bike trips – he says, “ Just biked around the worldâ€. WOW I said, “what was the neatest place you went to†His reply was “Indiaâ€. I then asked if he would do it again, he said, “Only if the world needs recycling†I Shi& you not!!!
longest planned ride for this year is down to southern cal in august to kick it with Howlin' and his LA riding buddies...

howlin, let me know if you come up this way for Laguna Seca, it is not that far from me and i plan on going.