Long Trips - Hints/Tips


I am planning to take the Busa out for a ride in March 2004 and travel from Sydney to Perth (Australia). The return distance will be in excess of 8000km and I would like to tour around, so I am guessing that the total distance to cover in 2-3 weeks is around 10,000km.

I will be two up, so I will probably send some stuff to Perth via unaccompanied baggage as I cant imagine keeping three weeks of stuff on the bike + 2 people.... :)

I am after any information/hints/tips/experiences that fellow riders have regarding long trips.. Things like;

Breaking Down? Flat Tyres? Servicing - General? Lubricate Chain? What things do I need to check? What "Spares" should I take? What "Tools" may come in Handy?

Anyway, thanks in advance and if you are/want to consider coming with me, then let me know :)
Sorry, but the most I've gone is 350 miles 1 up. I can't possibly imagine going that far 2 up. I did one 20 mile 2 up deal and it sucked. even the 1 up stuff gets tough. I need to stop at least once an hour to get the blood back in my legs. I don't think I'd even attempt something as far as that.

I'd get a second bike for the other person OR i'd take the car.