Long trip/ broken clutch lever.

Bruce Bell

I took a trip to Laconia bike week yesterday with a friend. It's about a 150 miles one way, lots of them with nothing around for miles. Well my friend dropped his bike at a intersection, just a unlucky mishap, well he broke his clutch lever. This is in the middle of nowhere. Well what do you do? Brake lever no big deal, a clutch lever.... A fellow (local)biker stop by and said that there was a shop down the road from where we were. Great, so we made it to the place, to find out it was a small shop that dealt with Harley s, what a bunch of *******s. What is it with these people? I felt like I walked in on a KKK meeting(LOL). Well back to the clutch lever, Mr. ******* behind the counter said there was a junk tool store down the road where I went and bought a small pair of vise gripes. We manage to pinch the broken lever back together to be able to pull the cable. I'm thinking it a good idea to have a spare lever in the tool box. It could happen to anybody. And to the HD guys at that shop:moon:
Mini Pair of vise grips in tool pouch is a useful item. Yes I am noticing this also from Harley riders while on my Busa. It wasnt bad when I had my VMAX I even been to some of the hardest core biker bars on my VMAX but I would think twice now riding a Busa up to one. Here in TN everyone waved to me while on my VMAX, but I would say only 50% of Harley riders wave back while on the Busa.

"If Harley made an airplane, would you fly in it"

Tony Nitrous

Ex-Mrs broke a couple of levers learning to ride.
Not destroyed, just broke ball and inch or two off the end.
I put them under her seat, they're fine as a "get me home".

Mate binned his Triumph on a ride last year,
one allen key and one screwdriver handle
(and a bit more tape after the pic was taken)
and he had a 180 mile ride home under his belt.

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Big Bo

Its the vibrating of the brains that hurt these morons. At least the ones that have a few brain cells.


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I'm thinking it a good idea to have a spare lever in the tool box. It could happen to anybody. And to the HD guys at that shop:moon:
Highly recommended.

I've carried a spare set in the trunk of the busa for years.

Although at 'years & 1 day' had the bike tip over while taking a pic on some deserted mountain top & snapped the clutch lever clean off. Duh. First day of 3-day tour : And I'm leading the group. :banghead:

Ya learn.

Also carry a spare set of pegs. Yes, that happened to me also. (Twice). More duh.

In our 'What to Bring on a Pashnit Tour', we also recommend riders carry a spare key while traveling. Just last weekend, we had one of the tour participants lose his key. He had dropped it about a block away on the sidewalk. Lucky.


I wonder how many folks clicked on the title of this thread hoping out was about chinese levers! :)

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