LONG list of mods to my Busa and hopefully some GOOD power

Hi there guys, so I don't know how many of you remember my post about socket change on a Gen 1 Busa to catch these new litre Bikes?

Anyways, since then my bike has been in for a little surgery from 100% stock to the following mods :laugh:

-Dayglow yellow rim. (240 wheel kit ordered from Trac Dynamic and will be selling it as it lands and will be going for a 210 rear tire with widened rim to suite & stock swingarm).
-All badges made neon yellow.
-Full Yoshi RS3 system (fitted the day of collecting).
-Double bubble screen.
-Blade leaders.
-Bullet grips.
-Full spike kit from Fat300.
-CNC machine Regrets.
-Smoked integrated tail light (cut off old number plate holder with indicators).
-Smoked headlights with Hid kit.
-Smoked front indicators.
-Bullet stand & grab bar.
-Custom Ostrich leather seats.
-Front & rear lowering kit.
- Black Anodized Tribal Mirror Block Offs.

NOW FOR THE FUN PART! All the following mods done by Marius Burger.
The Manufacturers Cup welcomes South African racer to the Haltech World Cup
-Full Vortex racing head.
-2 x Intake cams.
-Airbus mod.
-ECU Flashed.
-Dynojet Quickshifted wired into harness.
-Gear indicator with shift light.

I should have my bike back in a weeks time, will take some pics and let you guys know what happened with the litre bikes after these mods :moon:


Sorry but you shouldve just held back from posting this untill you got your bike back :whistle: All those goodies sound nice but w/o pics its just words on a screen..........

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