Long hard ride


My friend and I left for Quebec Canada on Friday had a blast going through the Forks Miane lots of twisties got alittle squirrley on one up hill blind curve to the left with the mountain on the left and the river on the right . We got there around 6 thet night got thrown out of Old Quebec , they dont let bikes in . Nice huh . We drove all around Quebec had a pretty good time went to a Gentelmans club "strip joint" hehe it was very different from anything I have seen in the US very professional and fancy inside . We ended up parking outside of Old Quebec and walking in went to a couple of night clubs one was called the Casablanca it really was a hole in the wall dark hot it was funny as hell . On the ride home we went a long way through Greenville Maine some great rodes put on about 800 miles before I got home . Most of the trip was anywhere from 85-120 Mph my Busa has a vibration at 90 Mph so I try to stay out of there I hit 190 on the Speedo on one flat nice stretch it was great . What a ride I didnt see to many bikes up there We asked around to see where all the rice rockets hang out , but there was no real place . I did not bring my girlfriend so when I got back we rode about 50 miles on Sunday to get something to eat and a movie . Man my shoulder is sore only my left side but what a fun ride wwoooo hooo . I tried talking my buddy into California next year to meet Lo but he has a kid on the way dont think it is going to happen . Sorry no pics we where to busy riding .
Let me kniow Ninja I would love to go for a ride with some people from the board its a nice ride
I will. It also looks like I will be up tp Scarborough over the weekend or at least part of it.
Will you be at the shop in scarborough maybe I wil take a ride down let me know when and stuff we could have a beer