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Believe it or not I like the stocker! First bike since my original CB750 that an OEM fit my butt comfortably. BTW, Corbin seats don't have to be hard. You can order whatever hardness you want. I tried one of their seats for 5,000+ miles and it was still hard and UNcomfortable. Took it back and for free, they changed out the foam to a softer kind and voila, a nice comfy seat. I rode it for over 50,000 miles with no complaints.


Free saddle tip for all closed cell foam seats. I use stock with addition of air bladder insert on long trips.

1} Spray armor all on entire seat.

2) notice outline of butt on seat top.

3) use rubber hammer and beat mercilessly area where the armour all is removed by your butt outline(without tearing) and notice the huge improvement in any seat ( especially a Corbin)


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I have done up to 600 miles in one day on my Corbin. Its hard, but comfy for some reason. Done many 450+ miles a day on it.


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The Gen-I ended up liking the stock the best. Who knew. Tobin was great, but it drops you down an inch, so you sit IN the bike rather than ON the bike. Plus stock is curved well that's the best for draggin' knees. Many many years of touring.

Stock w/ Second Look skin



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Three different seats on the Gen-II.

Did both Iron Butt rides using a Corbin w/ Airhawk was magic combo to ride 1687 Miles in 36 hours.


The Corbin by itself though never fit me well.


Strangely in the end, it was the Zero Gravity Latigo seat that was the best middle-of-the-road seat. Good for 500 mile days, yes, still can hang off easily & transition side to side.



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over 84,000 miles on the stock seat without any complaints, longest day was 1080...quite a few in the 600-800 range :beerchug:
Did 946k (587 miles) to meet some mates for a beer (Brisbane to Dubbo)
came home again the next morning, pillion both ways.

1174 mile weekend. Stock Gen-1 seat was fine.
(Naked Hayabusa with Renthal bars.
Mmmm, my Busa is the first bike where I've kept the OEM seat, despite the seat swap/upgrade being on the to-do-list. Done enough big days in the saddle, 1000 km in one hit, day after day. Maybe it helps we don't have superslab in NZ, and can swing bends almost non-stop haha.
I use a Corbin and now like it. Like FLB said - I also needed to use it for over 500 miles before it
clicked and felt like I didn't need the stock seat anymore. Everyone is different. Sometimes you have
to take a chance and order something. The nice thing about this forum is if you don't like it you have a
good chance to sell it. Sometimes you can find a used seat to buy, however I probably wouldn't sell mine
unless I sold my bike and/or traded it in and didn't want to give the better seat away. I would then sell/trade it
with the stock seat. JMHO

The longest day has been 650, with 12000+ miles overall in the past few years. This is the best seat I've ever had on any motorcycle.

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