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<span style='color:darkblue'>Well, I'm new here and should be picking up my new busa in about 2 or 3 weeks. i've heard it's one of the better sport bikes for t ravling long distances, but when you compair that to some bikes it's not really saying that much. So I thought i would ask this question here to get a true review of how the bike feels when taking it on long trips. any replies would be greatly appreciated.

ride hard, but ride safe.</span>
Welcome to the board BB45.
The Busa is comfortable on long trips......but I hear it's even better with a custom seat and a double bubble screen to keep you outta the wind.
My only complaint is the wind.....the screen is to low.
Congrats on yer purchase of the coolest bike around.
The seat will get to you after a while, I am replacing mine with the Suzuki gel seat when I get my next paycheck. The bars are a little low but they are higher than many bikes. You can get some risers that will make it more comfy for long distances. On the highway though it is real smooth in sixth cruising around 80-90, I have only ridden for an hour and a half at one time but I wasn't sore(except for a$$). Good choice on the busa, you won't be disappointed.
MSF is right, the stock screen sucks, you can't see the gauges. A double bubble is a definite modification.
thanx for all the replies. now i'm really excited about getting my bike. can't wait to take her on a trip somewhere.
I rode from Wa. to Va. and back last year , 8400 miles . Longest day was 981 miles . I was very comfortable but I wished I had a cruze control so I could let go with my right hand . A better seat is always a plus but if you just get off when you fill up and walk four a minute you'll be fine .
Oh yeah , I did have music .
Welcome Beauty and the Beast...

it is plenty comfy. You will wanna stop and stretch your legs every two hours or so...

Also, frisbee is correct... A throttle control would be most excellent for those longer trips.

I came from a Kawa Concours (sport/tour), and find the 'busa as accomodating in comfort!

Welcome... A throttle control is very good to rest your hand. One of the best is Throttlemeister..
riding the 'busa lots without a pain in the ass depends on
how tall you are... i am 6'2", and find that the seat
to footpeg distance was a bit small..... and the stock
seat is worthless. off to corbin for a seat... best way to
do that is to schedule a ride it in appointment, if you
live nearby, (less than 1,000 mi.) of course, i put
12,000 miles on mine in first 3 months. now, the corbin
seat helps bunches, and offset pegs to drop the peg
height an inch is a good thing as well.
while you are at corbin, what i'd suggest is getting
the passenger seat done as well... and they can
put a backrest on the thing.... don't laugh, it keeps
the woman on the back of the thing. i popped for the
backrest, and it was a smart move.... it also raises the
passenger height quite a bit, and makes the seat peg
relationship for the passenger work as well.... and if you
have a girlfriend or wife on the back from time to time,
and you buy a $300 seat for yourself, and nothing for
her, that seat is the only thing you are going to ride
ever again. good upholstery is better than celebacy.

Ok if you want to set it up for long distance riding here's some advice

1. raise the bars --gen-mar,heli-bars, or reaper's risers your choice

2. custom seat is a must after 700+ miles

3. double-bubble or sport-touring screen. I have both if you really going a long ways the sport-touring will serve you better, and when you get home you can swap it out. The sport-touring screen takes away from the sleek look of the bike imho

4. Camel back water hydration system -- neice to be able to get a cool sip without having to pull over and stop. The biggest concern with long distance riding is dehydration

5. you can switch to TL1000 pegs for about another 1/2 in of legroom-it makes more of a difference than it sounds like.

6. Tire repair kit -plugs and Co2 cart, you may not like it but you like it less if you have to leave your baby on the side of the road.

7. Camera -cuz we want to see were you went

Its a great 1 up tourer smooth, comfortable, and powerful what more would an avid sport-tourer want
Good Lawd !!..dezzy7 !!..Did you leave anything out?!
 All I can say now is ditto !!...:D  I've done just about all that you said from jump!..Im 6ft3, so the handle bars had to come up for my taste ALA ( Heli-Bars )
 Aaahhhh !!..& the seat ( Corbin ) its just craddles you BUTT !!
With just these few improvements, I can ride till the sun sets, and then some!..Mostly some !!!  

I've been thinking about getting a Camel hydration system but I haven't talked to anyone that has one. I have a couple questions if you don't mind. Do you put ice and water in it or just water? Also, how long does the water stay cold? Thanks in advance.
Camelbacks work great . most of them have a large top for ice . it'll stay cold for at least half the day .
The last two weekends I rode a bit more that 400 miles each time. Overall the Busa is a comfy bike for travel, but it is a sportbike. My wrists get a bit sore after an hour or so, especially my right. I need to invest in a throttle lock so I can rest me right hand. After a few hours I'll get a bit sore in the legs and hips. It is just from staying in a similar position for so long. You can move a bit to make small changes to riding position, but sooner or later a short walk is a good idea. The seat is very comfy for an hour or so for me. After that I start to get saddle sore. Perhaps an aftermarket seat would help, but for that kind of money I'd rather sample before I buy. Wind isn't much of a problem for me. I'm up above the turbulent air right above the windshield, so I don't have much helmet buffeting. My only complaint with the stock windscreen is that it blocks some lights and gauges.
Most miles so far in one day, approx 645. That was with the bike stone stock, and a throttle rocker type devise. Since then I've added reaper risers, Corbin seat, L-P USA superpole pegs for legroom, Moto-Lights and Krauser K5 hard luggage (not in that order). At this point I have not changed the windscreen and don't plan on it either. What I would add is that if you wanna do milage, invest in a good riding suit, like a aerostitch roadcrafter and an electric vest.

Hoping to join the IBA in a few weeks. :D
I agree that the camel back is great. I have had two now. dont ever put anything but water in them! ( this is why I have had two). a new screen is definetly in order for touring. besides that I have found it to ba an easy bike to just watch the miles dissapear. :cool:
I got a gel seat and raised the bars 1.25" to ease the pressure on my wrists....now I can ride until I need to refuel without having my ass and wrists hurt.

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