Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

:D No more snails for me bro,gonna just leave it as it is.To tell ya the truth,after 15 years the thrill is starting to wind down and that little Honda CRF 450R is a new challenge to work on.:super:I really like that little bike,fun as hell to cut loose on and we have MX tracks,desert,etc. everywhere around my area(the whole dirt thing is huge in SoCal).I'll still get out with Red every now and then and disturb some peace on the Busa,though now looking to get him to dust off some of his dirt toys.:D
Have to pass bro,stripped oil pan threads the other day trying to snug the drain plug up a bit(had a spot the size of a quarter under it after sitting on the lift for a couple of weeks,should've left it alone:laugh:).

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