Long and Belated introduction


I've been lurking the forum for a long time looking at bikes for sale and reading all about Busas. I've been interested in them for years but after having total knee replacement surgery in 2005 it was uncomfortable to ride a bike with a 90 degree bend in my knee, much less sportbike posture. I ended up with a Harley Sportster with forward controls and kept it till 2011 when I had to have the knee replacement revised. They took out the piece in the top of my leg and replaced it completely. I sold the Harley that year and was really getting the itch bad to get back on something this summer. I road several big bagger types and didn't like any of them. I REALLY wanted to like the Ducati Diavel but the ride wasn't as nice as looking at it online was. I considered a V-Rod but the local Harley shop was rude to me more than once so I dropped that idea. The nearby Suzuki dealership let me ride a 2009 Hayabusa and I was hooked. I should have bought that day but I let that bike slip through my fingers. However, in late August I found a 2008 I really liked on eBay. I still held off but when it didn't sell I contacted him and ended up buying from him outside of eBay. So, without further ado, my 2008 Blue Busa. All the mods were done by the previous owner, lowered, stretched, wheels powder coated, white brake line, white levers, shorty pipes.


Congrats man! I remember seeing that bike on ebay also thinking it was a clean ride. Enjoy it!
Welcome. That is a very clean bike you found there. I like the white rims with the deep blue. Very sharp.
I have to take the slow and steady approach or my wife would kill me. :laugh: But, now that it's in the garage I have all the time in the world I guess. For now I'm looking at mostly cosmetic stuff. I love the LED light upgrades on the Pasnit Busa. Of course a hump mod for a little more storage. GSXR 1000 front fender swap, I could probably go on and on but of course I have to balance wants vs budget. I'd like to have a Speedo Healer and figure out how to mount my old Tom Tom GPS for longer trips.

There are so many great ideas on here it's hard to know where to start. I'm 46 years old so I'm not looking for extreme performance. I plan to use it for commuting and touring, not racing. :whistle:
She looks good! Are you going to leave the extensions on her? Any plans for the exhaust?